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Ohio Sex Abuse Litigation Attorneys

At Karp Steiger, our goal is to make an impact in helping survivors of sex abuse hold predators and institutions accountable. We are a leader in litigating civil claims arising out of childhood sexual abuse. Some say that we have “written the book” in Ohio on representing survivors of sexual abuse.

Our caring, compassionate, and highly accomplished lawyers have taken on some of the nation’s most powerful religious organizations, nonprofits, school systems and businesses in cases where sex abuse should have been caught and stopped. We have successfully handled hundreds of sex abuse cases over the last few decades, and we are acutely aware of the legal challenges, as well as the emotional components to these types of matters. Indeed, we have some of the nation’s leading experts in forensic psychology and trauma at our disposal.

We recognize that in many cases the victim does not want to be put under a microscope in a public lawsuit. Therefore, several cases that we file in court use pseudonyms or “Jane Does” to protect the identity of our clients.

We are unwavering advocates when it comes to sex abuse claims. With decades of experience, we understand the importance of making a difference and guiding survivors toward justice and healing.

Handling Your Sex Abuse Case With Compassion

If you or your child suffered sex abuse, the abuser might face criminal charges. However, criminal courts do little to make things right for the victims of childhood abuse. Instead, victims must turn to the civil legal system to achieve complete justice for what happened.

A civil sex abuse claim might be against the individual abuser, but they usually involve a large institution that failed to protect children from abuse. These claims can be complicated and emotional, so you want to make sure you have the right law firm protecting your rights. Our attorneys always consider the sensitive nature of childhood sex abuse cases and give our clients the personalized attention they deserve.

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Abusers should be held fully accountable for all the physical and emotional harm they cause to children. If you need to know your legal options, call Karp Steiger, at 216-696-3515 for a free case evaluation. We are on your side.

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