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Ohio Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Sadly, abuse at nursing homes occurs far too often against senior citizens residing under the protection and care of a licensed care facility. If this happens to you or your loved one, speak with an Ohio nursing home abuse lawyer from Karp Steiger, as soon as possible.

Nursing Home Injuries In Ohio

Staff have full access to residents and may act abusively or violently against certain residents. Abuse in nursing homes comes in a variety of forms, such as physical abuse, mental abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect.

This leads to issues such as injuries from falls, choking on food and beverages, malnutrition, dehydration, renal failure, comas, pressure ulcers, bedsores, elopement, wandering offer, and physical, sexual, or mental abuse from staff or residents. When abuse occurs, the resident often exhibits fear toward staff. If you have a loved one who is a resident of a nursing home or assisted living facility, keep a watchful eye on your loved one to ensure they aren’t exhibiting any symptoms of abuse.

Should you notice symptoms of abuse, immediately notify local authorities, and create a report. Also, create a report with the nursing home or assisted living facility itself. Make sure to document all conversations you have with any staff and take photographs of any signs of abuse or neglect. You should also speak with an experienced nursing home abuse attorney who can assist you and your loved one, as well as advise you of what rights you may have.

Seek Help From An Ohio Nursing Home Lawyer Today

At Karp Steiger, our team of attorneys has experience in helping those who are abused and neglected at nursing homes. We are able to meet you and your loved one at a location that is most convenient for you. We remain dedicated to fighting for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. If you have reason to believe a loved one is experiencing signs of abuse or neglect, call the attorneys at Karp Steiger, at 216-696-3515 for a free case consultation.